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 Solution How to unlock Audiovox Smt 5600

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Solution How to unlock Audiovox Smt 5600 Empty
PostSubject: Solution How to unlock Audiovox Smt 5600   Solution How to unlock Audiovox Smt 5600 EmptySat Jul 28, 2007 9:30 am

What you’ll need:
A SIM card on the network your AudioVox is locked to. For example, if you’re locked to AT&T (Cingular Blue network) then you’ll need an AT&T SIM card. For people who bought their phone off e-bay or something, find a friend, as you need one of these to proceed!
A SIM card on some other network to make sure things worked. Any network will do. Again, find a buddy.
Here’s what you do:
Plug your AudioVox into your computer via the USB cable that came with it. Open an explorer window via ActiveSync and browse the top level directory of the SmartPhone… you should see directories like Temp and Storage.
Extract aeconfig.zip, say to C:\unlock5600. DO NOT SIMPLY OPEN THE .ZIP AND TRY TO COPY FILES TO YOUR SMARTPHONE, IT DOES NOT WORK! You’ll get a folder named “unlock-all” which contains two directories, StartMenu and Temp, along with a manual. The manual is almost correct for the 5600. What you want to do is:
Put the “Disable Security” file in StartMenu under \Storage\Windows\Start Menu\ in your 5600.
Put “AEConfig.exe” and “DisableSecurity.xml” in Temp in \Temp in your 5600. Do not reboot your 5600, as it will erase these files in \Temp!
Go to Start on your 5600, then select Disable Security and run it. Phase 1 done. If you don’t see it via the start menu, use the File Manager to run it. Sometimes it takes a bit for the Start Menu to re-read the directory and include things.
Open resetSecurity.zip and extract the files on your computer somewhere. I’ll say C:\unlock5600, but feel free to replace that with anything you like.
On your computer, go to Start -> Run and type “cmd” for a DOS prompt. Change directories to the directory you put the files of resetSecurity (e.g. cd c:\unlock5600 using our example).
Run RapiConfig as follows from the cmd prompt:
% RapiConfig.exe /p ResetSecurity.xml
This will unlock your phone to install new apps (needed for the next step).
Confirm it works by putting “CheckLock.exe” in the \Temp dir of your 5600 and running it by going to Start -> File Manager on your AudioVox and selecting CheckLock.exe under \Temp. It should say “Your phone is not locked.”
Phase 2 End.
Open up SPV-Services.zip and copy the files somewhere (say c:\unlock5600).
Copy the Cert.cab into \Temp of your smartphone
From your smartphone Start -> File Manager, browser to \Temp and run Cert.cab. Install the program.
From your computer, run SPVServices.exe. Click on the SIMLock Toggle button and type AGREE. Don’t worry about the “Doesn’t work on AudioVox” as this did for this purpose.
Unlock your AudioVox by clicking on the button. End Phase 3.

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Solution How to unlock Audiovox Smt 5600
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